We specialize in

These tasks are mainly conducted in our study

Building projects. Estrada Arquitectos.
Building projects

Building projects in general, multi-family and single-family residential, renovation and reforms. Public and private buildings. Construction management and legalization works. Advice and processing of proceedings in administrations.

Urbanism. Estrada Arquitectos.
Urban Planning

Urban planning in general, partial plans, offset projects, urbanization development projects, detailed studies, etc.

Real estate valuations. Estrada Arquitectos.
Real estate valuations

Reports to consumers, businesses and government.
Ratings for the purpose of applying for a mortgage (Reports validated by Company approved by the BE), property consultancy in purchases, wills, divorces, expropriations, Rating urban land use, real estate feasibility studies, etc.

Expert reports. Estrada Arquitectos.
Expert reports

Reports and expert opinions for individuals and for the Courts. Analysis of circumstances or conditions, repair and evaluation study of them. Technical assistance in legal proceedings.

Interior design. Estrada Arquitectos.
Interior design and decorating

Project design and interior decoration. Advice on selecting materials, furniture, etc.


Energy certifications. Estrada Arquitectos.
Energy certifications and ITEs

Development of energy certifications, registration in the administration. Report Technical Building Inspection (ITEs).